How to Make Beats That Bang, Sound Top-Quality, And Transform Your Passion Into A Full-Time Income And Music Career!

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Yooo, what’s good people?

Ocean here…

Today I have a special message for the young and hungry, up and coming producers who wanna make it BIG in this industry.

If you’ll invest just a few minutes into reading this page, I’m gonna show you exactly how you can go from:

- NO name,
- NO clout,
- NO musical theory knowledge,
- NO connections,
- NO pro-level beat making skills,

All the way up to a:

- HIGHLY-skilled music producer,
- EXPERT at Logic Pro X, and a
- BEAST at making innovative, hard-hitting beats!

… So sit tight!

But First Of All…

Why Would You Listen to Me?

Great question…

I’ve been fortunate enough to make music my full-time income, passion, and lifestyle… and collaborate with some of the best in this business.

In just a few short years, I’ve:

- BUILT a worldwide music brand & YouTube channel with 400k+ subs and counting, while being

- BASED in the heart of London - one of the most competitive, expensive music scenes in the world, plus I’ve

- SET UP my professional production studio of over $30,000 worth of the best music equipment, and 

- WORKED with some of the top producers in the industry!

Over the years, I’ve been a part of some pretty sick collabs. Opportunities and placements I’d been dreaming about for the longest time. 

For instance:

I’ve been fortunate enough to feature on YouTube Black Top Creator list, 

I collaborated directly with YouTube Music, Arturia, Native Instruments, Loopcloud, and Splice…

… and even Red Bull and BBC!

And now, I’m about to become a Twitch Partner too.

Needless to say, I’ve reached higher heights than I ever could’ve predicted when I first started out, believe me.

But To Be Fair…

It Wasn’t Always Like This For Me

I’ve always been a “figure it out on my own” type of guy.

I’m self-taught. 

This music thing was once just a thought in my head…

Soon after I’d made enough to live off of for a while (with my freelance marketing work), I decided to get serious about my real passion - MUSIC.

It was a big gamble for me, but it paid off majorly.

But to be a professional at anything, you have to put in the time, and learn the tools that’ll get you placed with big artists.

Without knowing the game, or having the tools you need, it’ll be very tough to succeed in music production.

Young Ocean, grinding away in the office - 2014

This ONE Thing Helped Me

 Level Up & Get Serious:

As I was learning all the tools to produce my own music, I started very basic - with a simple DAW on my MacBook.

Most successful producers I’ve met started out with a similarly simple setup - because in the beginning it’s all you really need.

But here’s the thing - starting out with nothing but a MacBook and Logic Pro X…

And committing to learning these tools…

Well, this changed the game for me - because I now had what I need to get serious.

And my mission is to share the tools YOU need to master Logic Pro X too - so you can make it BIG in music.

But first, as you probably already know…

Being a Music Producer Is Tough - And Competitive

So I Wanna Level the Playing Field For You!

What’s the difference between you…

… and the thousands of other producers that want to make it just as bad?

That’s a question you’ve gotta grapple with as you pursue this dream.

Part of the reason I’ve been successful, is because I’ve invested hundreds of hours:

- learning, studying,
- mixing, mastering, 
- sampling, making melodies and 
- cooking up Trap & Drill beats that BANG

I’ve chosen a specific niche to conquer, branded myself in it, and become known worldwide for producing a certain sound.

That’s why I’m able to get placements with the biggest brands in the world.

Collaborate with top producers. 

Cook up magic and watch it come to life!

So here’s the deal…

If you wanna get serious, you’re gonna have to master one area, before anything else kicks off:

The Next Stepping Stone For You Is Mastering Logic Pro X

So You Can Make Beats That Slap!

No successful producer has been able to make anything noteworthy without mastering their DAW of choice.

They need to know HOW to:

- SAMPLE song snippets you want, that’ll help you create the perfect beat for any occasion or artist,

- CREATE new melodies from chord progressions, mix in intriguing counter melodies, drums, and bass,

- ADD IN hard-hitting basslines, 808s, and more - so you can make beats that slap,

- CAPTURE the desired emotion in a beat’s melody, pull it out of your head and into your workflow (and know which notes and chords will bring that emotion out),

- MIX & MASTER professionally, so your bass isn’t muddy, your drums sound crisp, and your beat bangs - whether in the car, the club, or just the laptop speakers of your future fans

Producers must do ALL of this very well, before they get to work in the industry, and are able to take off and make it big.

Since this part has become *second nature* to me, I wanna share with you how you can do it, too.

I want to get YOU to the point where you can instantly sit down, play around with drum kits, add in samples, hard-hitting 808s and basslines, and pull a beat together fromscratch.

That’s why I’m compiling EVERYTHING I know about Logic Pro X into one simple course - that’ll teach you how to make fire beats.

I want to take you from total beginner, to professional - who can sit down and cook up any day of the week - all without:

- WASTING hours messing around or doing guesswork on beats,

- EXPERIENCING “beat block” - stuck, unable to progress,

- MAKING beats that don’t sound professional, or

- PRODUCING beats that don’t hit hard or vibe,

I’ve experienced it all, and made thousands of mistakes along the road. That’s why I want to save you time, frustration, and effort…

… by giving you everything I know about making KILLER beats.

In fact, I’ve put it all into ONE essential place for you:


My New “Production Masterclass” Beat Making Course!

This is the single most thorough course on music production that YOU need, to transform your hobby into a true professional sound…

Join me inside Production Masterclass today AND get Limited Time Bonuses such as

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“Ocean has been an inspiration for my music with all of the videos on YouTube. He is quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of music styles and highlights ideas in a relaxed, natural fashion. Would definitely recommend an Ocean masterclass based on all the content I have seen over the past few years.”

Ryan - Ashland, United States

“Ocean is one of the best producers out there. He is the one that got me into music productions through his YouTube channel. I was looking for a producer that explains music and Logic Pro X - and that’s when I found him. He keeps making them hits and we appreciate him giving us his time.”

Khalfan - Dubai, UAE

Check Out What’s Inside Though! 

In 8 Jam-Packed Modules, I’m Giving You:

…Eight thorough modules on mastering Logic Pro X:

MODULE 1 - Logic Pro X Fundamentals 

In module 1, I’m giving you the most sure-footed foundation to making your own music.

Whether you’re a rank amateur or seasoned vet, you’ll get a crash course on the basics of Logic Pro X.

LPX can be overwhelming - even easy things like adding drums or melodies can get confusing quick. So the first thing I’ll share, is how to access the entire suite of options Logic Pro X has to offer.

From there, we go through my suggested plugins, what you need, what comes stock with Logic, and what you might want to search elsewhere for.

My aim here is to get you mad familiar with this DAW. I do this by dissecting every section, like the:

- TOOLBAR & all its functions, 
- NAVIGATION - like play, pause & record,
- LOOP BROWSER & drum kits
- AUTOMATION controls,
- FLEX - to manipulate audio files’ timing, pitch & more,
- VIEWS - track vs. loop view & which to pick, when
- CHANNEL STRIPS, repetition, layering & more,
- MIDI FX & how to make them more interesting with modulation, trigger effects, etc.
- AUDIO INTERFACES, how to set it up, how to integrate instruments to make your beats unique & compelling,
- BOUNCING OUT your beats, in the right formats, and exporting files like the pros,
- RECOMMENDED VSTs - what I use in my studio, and what I suggest you start with,
- BROWSER TIPS in Logic Pro X

… and much, much more!

As an added bonus - to streamline your workflow and process inside your DAW - I’ve added 3 extra videos:

- INSTALLING PLUGINS - I’ll share exactly what to do when you’ve installed a new plugin, but it won’t populate in Logic. Plus, a quick tip on how to “hide” plugins you don’t use anymore, to remain laser-focused on only what you need. 

- IMPORTING SOUNDS - If you’ve ever pulled your hair out trying to pull up sounds to use in a track… but they just wouldn’t preview? I’ll show you a quick and easy workaround to speed things up (using your browser!)

- MUSIC EQUIPMENT - Here, we run through the essential music production equipment. You don’t need much, so I’ll share the must-haves (beyond your Mac & DAW). I’m sharing my exact audio interface, MIDI keyboard, even the studio monitors I use!

MODULE 2 - Easy Music Theory *For Beginners*

As monotonous as music theory can be…

If you understand the basics, it’ll set you up with a strong foundation for makin’ beats that bang.

In video one, we start with the chromatic scale - the 12 notes that make up any song you’ve ever heard. I’ll go over octaves, half-steps, and whole-steps with you.

In video two, I’ll teach you about chords. I’ll go over triads (three notes together), major and minor chords (for bright or dark melodies), intervals and more!

Video three is where I share how the numbers come into play - and how to assign numbers to your chords. This’ll further help you organize chords, whether minor or major.

In video four, we revisit chord progressions. This is the basis of a solid melody, which will now be easier for you to make. I’ll show you how move past common Trap and Drill progressions, so you can uniquely switch it up!

In video five, I introduce chord inversions - changing the order of notes within a chord - so you can add depth, uniqueness, and a personal flair to your music!

Video six will expand our chord lessons and add layers to your beats. I’ll share with you diminished chords (popular in R&B) augmented chords, and why every 2nd chord on every major scale is diminished.

In video seven, I’ll show you how to extend your chords, using 7th chords specifically (used in R&B). We’ll also play with triads and inversions, to add in real depth to your melodies!

MODULE 3 - Making Killer Melodies From Scratch

Continuing to build on our music theory… I’m showing you HOW to make catchy melodies from scratch.

There are 6 main sections to this module:

1) CHORD PROGRESSIONS - We begin with a chosen scale to start our new beat. Then we decide on chord progression patterns. Finally, we put down chords, change notes and layers, and I’ll even show you how to invert melodies!

2) COUNTER MELODIES - In this video, I explain harmonious counter melodies, that add depth to your beats. I’m sharing one secret trick I use to humanize my melodies (so it doesn’t sound like it was made on a computer)

3) HUMANIZING YOUR MELODIES - Ever struggled with unrealistic, disjointed beats? In this segment I’ll show you how to keep everything on grid, quantized, and at the same velocity. To give your beats that human element, you should steal my *cheap* hack, to master live instrumentation.

4) RECORDING VOCAL CHOPS - I’m revealing how to make sick vocal chops - without using VSTs - even if you’ve never sung in your life! With auto-tune, my “vowel trick”, FX, EQ, and other enhancements when all pitched up… we can make your tracks sound mad professional!

5) MAKING CATCHY MELODIES - Using repetition and layers - the two keys of catchy melodies - you’ll discover how to make hits that people can’t stop humming! Watch me as I create beats - that are the perfect dose of repetitive and catchy - so you can do the same.

6) SWITCHING UP MELODIES - Creativity plays a huge role in keeping it fresh. To switch up your melodies with intrigue, I’ll show you step-by-step how to add flavor. I use it all - layering, vocal chops, different keys, percussion, and chord progressions. This helps me find hard-hitting, relatable, catchy, and human melodies for a track!

MODULE 4 - All You Need to Know About Drums

The primary video here will be about how to set up your drums optimally…

I’m sharing my most applicable four methods to choose from, according to your needs:

My first method is using Ultrabeat - and I give you a template to use. Pros, cons, troubleshooting, workarounds, adding multiple drum samples - and much more!

Secondly, I’ll show you Logic Pro X’s equivalent to FL Studio, and how to create drum patterns how YOU like them.

The third method I’ll walk you through is a more “manual” way - opening a software instrument, navigating to drum sampler, and adding in the sounds you want (one by one).

And the final way I’ll reveal is very manual… I’ll show you how to drag your drum samples directly onto the grid - like I often do when making boom bap beats.

For the second part of this module, I show you my exact methods for making hard-hitting drum patterns from scratch! Kicks that set the beat’s tone, hi hats, snare rolls, claps, and way more.

I show you other specifics like adding percs (for bounce), putting more interesting sounds into your drums, how to make DRILL and TRAP drums, loops and samples, and…

the most underrated drums that come with Logic Pro X!

I’ll reveal how to capture that FEELING of your favorite tracks’ drum patterns, so you can replicate them!

MODULE 5 - All You Need to Know About Basslines

Cue the bassline… We’ll cover 808s, adding basses to your beats, and building a strong foundation that drives the rhythm of your track!

We’ll start out with setting up 808s with either a quick sampler or my favorite plugin - using the proper key.

We’ll move on to making killer 808 patterns, so you can build a strong foundation that vibes throughout the whole track.

I’ll then share the #1 trick I use to make your 808s BANG - so you can easily make hard-hitting beats. 

Next, we move to glides - so we can switch up the patterns and sounds of our 808s, to perfect that sound you need for that bangin’ beat.

After that, I’ll reveal how to make your kicks really punch - and a little trick called sidechain compression. It confuses the best of the best producers, so I’ll make it easier for you here.

You can also use this technique to add emphasize your kicks, melodies, drums, and more - not just the 808s!

And I’ll wrap up by showing you different basses you can use besides just 808s (like subs, bass guitars, and more!) I’ll share some of my favorite VSTs, so we can switch up the basslines in your tracks.

MODULE 6 - All You Need to Know About Sampling

What Hip-Hop was truly built on…

… SAMPLING is a huge part of production - so I’ma show you how to do it!

Primarily, I’ll show you my favorite sites to grab sick samples - so you can flip, chop, and build, royalty-free!

Next, I’ll share a super easy way to sample using a VST - which is the quickest way to get some sick samples up n’ running, and create your own melodies.

Then I’ll share how to chop n’ flip your samples - using a stock plugin I rely on. This speeds up my workflow like mad!

After that, I’ll help make your samples more interesting - using different chop and flip techniques, adjusting tempo, pattern, pitch, and much more!

MODULE 7 - How to Record & Mix to Perfection

In this module I’ll reveal how to record instruments into (and mix) your beats - and how I make mine sound as clean as possible!

To be fair, I don’t mix/master my beats much anymore…

I tend to focus more on being creative, refining my sound, and expanding my catalogue.

But I want to teach you to prioritize the VIBE and the FEELING, make sure it sounds good, and capture that. Don’t trip about mixing in the early stages - it should be used sparingly, in the right scenarios.BUT … I’ll show you my favorite ways to mix n’ master like a pro - plus some tricks to make your 808s hit harder!

Then I’ll cover with busses, how to use those channels, add effects like reverb, and tie it all together.

I’ll wrap up by showing you exactly how to record your instruments into your DAW, and the exact gear I do it with!

There’s a big range, from budget to quality options; I’ll guide you through what’s what, and cover recording instruments like guitars, basses, and others.

MODULE 8 - Making a Beat, From A-Z

If you ever wanted to know exactly how I make my beats from scratch, literally starting from zero:


- DRUMS, and

- 808s & BASSLINES,

… and polishing it to finality with mixing, mastering!

When we start, sound selection is arguably the number one, most important thing to make a beat - starting with your frequency ranges (lows, mids, highs) as you add in layers.

Usually with Trap beats, we’re going for: a tight snare or high clap, hi-hats for the high end, a kick that punches through hard, and an 808 for the low end.

In this module, I’ll walk you through exactly how to make a TRAP beat and a DRILL beat step-by-step.

Follow along with my process in Logic Pro X, as I work my normal flow and tie everything I’ve taught you throughout this entire course together.

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Here’s Who This Course Is For:

  • UP & COMING music producers who wanna join the big leagues,

  • PASSIONATE Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap & Drill fans,

  • FOCUSED, ambitious individuals with drive to succeed in the hyper-competitive music industry,

But It’s NOT A Good Fit If You’re:

  • NOT SERIOUS about learning & mastering LPX,

  • LAZY to make beats, put hours in the lab, or grind on your projects,

  • UNABLE to access basic musical equipment (but you can really just start on a MacBook + LPX!)

That’s Not All You’re Getting -

Check Out These 4 FIRE Bonuses!

I always believe in adding more music tools than you ever expected - 

and really driving home the value. 


This MIDI pack of mine contains 500+ MIDI melodies, you can drag into your DAW of choice and spark your creativity. Includes hi-hat MIDIs too!

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So, If You’re Serious About Turning Your Music Into a Thriving Career…

Here’s What to Do Next:

If you’re feeling this opportunity, and understand frfr what it could do for your life as a hot producer…

Here’s why you want to jump on it and act now:

- 8 JAM-PACKED MODULES - I teach you everything you need to know (including music theory!) to start sampling, mixing, adding basslines, drums, melodies, and catchy chords…

So YOU can make the best beats (from scratch) that you’ve ever come up with!

- 4 EXPANSIVE BONUSES - I’m giving you a serious leg up on starting your beats off right, with flavorful sounds - so you don’t ever have to stare at a blank DAW with major beat block again.

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It’s free. I stand behind every cent of this course’s value.

I want you to get the most out of this course that you possibly can.

That’s exactly why I’m offering you a zero-risk opportunity to ‘buy and try’ - and if you don’t learn how to make killer beats inside 8 modules?

I’ll happily refund your money - every penny of it.

That’s how confident I am, that I can take you from rank amateur, to beat maker extraordinaire - IF you put in the work!

Still Not Sure? Check Out What These Producers Have to Say About My Work:

“Ocean helped put me on all my producer game from the start. After several months I feel 10x more confident in the studio."

Graco Gotit - California, USA

“I have been watching Oceans videos for coming up on 3 years now and I have no clue where I would be with out him musically. As a producer who uses logic and wanted to learn it, I was really struggling due to how complicated it felt. 

I was looking online and all I saw were videos on how to produce in Fl Studio which made the whole process way more off putting than I wanted. Until my mate suggested that I should watch his tutorials. 

This is where it all began. I went from having no rhythm and everything being off-beat, to being able to make full songs that my friends and family all love! I think I’ve come much further, but still believe I have a lot of work to do to become a professional. 

Thanks again Ocean for being so open an honest in your videos and I’m really happy and proud of where you came from - making videos in your original room, in Spain, in Manchester flat… To now in your awesome studio, with all the synths in the world in London. Thank you very much!”

DIJØN - Ipswich, UK

“With the majority of producer content on YouTube focusing on FL Studio, coming across Ocean’s videos, where he primarily uses Logic Pro, was a blessing. I was a novice producer when first stumbling on Ocean’s videos but his engaging and gem-filled content kept me motivated and inspired to improve as a producer."

Eddy - London, UK

“Ocean is the real deal! I can’t recommend him enough! I’ve watched all his videos on Youtube and I’ve learned so many things in Logic ProX. He is very professional and I can’t wait for his music production masterclass course to drop!

I’m sure this course will help me improve my production skills and also be more confident when it comes to music production.”
SMEC - London, UK

"I really wanted to get into music on logic but didn’t have a clue, then came across Ocean‘s YouTube channel and I feel like I’m almost a pro, thanks to oceans channel on YouTube."

Alex - London, UK

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Nowadays everybody’s an “up and coming music producer”.

So over time as I add new content, teach you more about how to make beats that slap, and help you level up your skill from “bedroom producer” to “legit Hip-Hop/Trap/Drill producer”…

the price inevitably will go up.

And as I said before, I’m really only looking for serious, up-and-coming producers who want to get their work out into the world.

If that’s you, and you’re willing to invest in what you need, to do it at a PRO LEVEL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any prior musical or production knowledge?

Nope! I’ll be covering everything from the ground up. I’ll be teaching you all the basics like note names and how to play chords to get you started and playing quickly.

Is this your for Logic Pro X users only?

This course is aimed at producers who use Logic Pro x primarily. Whilst you can apply most of the videos and the knowledge to another DAW (Ableton, Garage Band, FL Studio, etc), a lot of concepts are logic pro x only. 

What if I don’t have any gear? What do I need to have before starting?

Literally, just a laptop, your DAW of choice but preferably logic pro x so you can get the most out of it, and you’re set!

How is this course different to your YouTube videos?

The lessons in this course are extremely detailed. I give incredibly deep and detailed explanations on my production process.

Plus, whilst there are tutorials online, there really is a shortage of videos aimed specifically at Logic Pro X users making hip hop. You’d have to dig through tons and tons of videos to find the answers for what you’re looking for. I save you the time and headache by having everything you need in one place. 

What if I’ve been producing for a while, is this still for me?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been making beat for 5 years or 5 mins, you will learn something new in this course to help you make quality beats. I go over the complete basics for beginners, though If you feel like you’ve grasped these concepts already you can always skip ahead. 

What if I am unhappy with Production Masterclass?

I will happily send you a refund I you go through the course, follow my beat making process, make a few beats – And don’t create some of the best music of your life in the next 30 days… I’ll send you 100% of your money back!

Email me